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The most important thing to keep in mind if a dentist near you tells you that you need a root canal is to remain calm and breathe. It’s okay to feel nervous or worried; after all, there are plenty of rumors surrounding this specific treatment – and most of them are untrue.

At Meadows Dental, we offer restorative dentistry services to all our patients who need them. If this applies to you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

root canal therapy in saskatoon

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

Sometimes called endodontic treatment, a root canal is a surgical procedure that’s performed to remove the pulp (inner core) of a tooth when it’s badly infected or damaged. Nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels all meet in the pulp and so, when it’s been injured, it causes intense pain. If such a measure is not done, it can lead to even more devastating consequences.

All dentists can do a root canal, though if a patient requires more advanced care, you’ll most likely be referred to a specialist.

The stages involved in the treatment are as follows:

  1. Your dentist in Saskatoon will examine your tooth and may take x-rays to assess the extent of the infection or damage to the pulp.
  2. You’ll be given local anesthesia to numb the target site and ensure your comfort while your dentist works.
  3. A tiny opening is made in the tooth’s crown to access the pulp chamber. This is done using a dental drill.
  4. The unhealthy pulp is removed from the tooth’s core. Then the space is thoroughly cleaned and shaped. Next, the dentist will flush the area with an antimicrobial solution to remove any remaining debris and disinfect the area, ensuring all bacteria are eliminated.
  5. After the canals are cleaned and dried, they are filled with gutta-percha, a biocompatible material that seals the opening and prevents bacteria from re-entering.
  6. Last, a customized dental crown is provided to restore the repaired tooth’s strength, functionality, and appearance. The crown is usually installed after the tooth has healed.

At least two appointments are needed to fully complete the treatment. Your dental crown will be given to you in the subsequent appointment. If you have concerns or questions at any point during the treatment, be sure to tell your dental team so they can address them.

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