Restore and Protect Your Teeth With Dental Fillings in Rosewood

A filling is provided to patients who have cavities, which are small holes that form in the tooth due to a build-up of bacteria, debris, and decay. This is a straightforward process that can be done in one appointment. Once it’s over, you’ll be left with a healthier tooth, and, by extension, a healthier smile.

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dental fillings in saskatoon

Types of Fillings Available

In the past, dental fillings were typically made of amalgam, a combination of metals including silver, copper, and tin. Despite their proven durability, these days, most patients prefer a material that isn’t so obvious. Fortunately, advancements in dentistry have given rise to several options that patients can choose from, each of which offers certain benefits. This includes:

Composite – Also known as tooth-colored fillings, these are made of a combination of plastic and glass. Composite fillings are customized to match the shade of your natural tooth. They are a strong alternative to amalgam fillings, but they’re not quite as durable.

Ceramic – These fillings are made of porcelain and are also a great choice if you want your filling to blend in. They’re quite stain resistant and are a great option to consider if you need a more significant reinforcement. However, they can be costly.

Glass Ionomer – Glass and acrylic components make up this type of filling. What makes these fillings unique is that they release fluoride, which helps stop decay from impacting your tooth. Since they are not as durable as other choices, they may need to be replaced more often.

Before you go ahead with anything, it’s wise to speak with a dentist near you about your current dental health. They will assess your smile and help you determine which material is the best for you. The location of the filling also plays a role.

Overall, the process itself is simple. You’ll be given a local anesthetic to numb the area that’s being treated. Your dentist will scrape the debris out, thoroughly clean the site, then seal it with the material that’s been selected. You may experience a bit of sensitivity after the appointment and that’s okay; let your mouth heal for a day or two.

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