Enhance Your Smile With Dental Crowns in Rosewood

As a very effective restorative and cosmetic treatment, dental crowns are popular among patients. This unique prosthetic can be fitted over top of a tooth that’s sustained damaged from cavities, trauma, or an infection. It protects the remaining portion of the tooth while repairing your smile’s overall functionality.

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dental crowns in saskatoon

Why Might I Need a Crown?

  • Tooth decay: When a tooth has significant decay, a dental crown can be used to restore its structure after the decayed portion has been removed. The crown helps to protect the remaining tooth structure from further damage.
  • Fractured tooth: If you have a tooth that is cracked, fractured, or severely weakened, a dental crown can provide reinforcement and prevent the tooth from breaking further. It helps to distribute the biting forces evenly across the tooth, reducing the risk of additional damage.
  • Root canal treatment: After undergoing root canal therapy, a tooth becomes more brittle and prone to fracture. A dental crown is often placed on the tooth to protect it and restore its strength, as well as to provide a natural appearance.
  • Large fillings: If you have a tooth with an extensive filling that has harmed a significant area of the tooth, the rest of the structure can be weakened over time. Placing a dental crown over the site helps to support and protect it, preventing the filling from coming loose and reducing the risk of tooth fracture.

Have concerns or questions about any of this? That’s no problem at all! Our dentist in Saskatoon is here to help you navigate your treatment and ensure that you’re feeling at ease about the measures that are being taken.

Steps to Getting a Crown

The following are the general steps involved in the actual process of acquiring a dental crown:

  1. Consultation and physical examination by the dentist.
  2. Tooth preparation and shaping.
  3. Impressions or digital scans of your teeth to create a customized device.
  4. Placement of a temporary crown.
  5. Fabrication of the permanent crown in a dental laboratory.
  6. Crown placement and bonding.
  7. Ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with your bite pattern, then polishing.

If your dentist feels that it’s necessary, they’ll have you attend a follow-up session so they can monitor how you’re doing and how your tooth especially, is healing.

Though dental crowns are very reliable and durable, this treatment doesn’t replace daily brushing and flossing. It’s also advised that you don’t use your teeth to open things, as this could damage the crown.

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